Core Library

A Library that makes Verifiable Credential Issuance Easy
Rebase's core library, found here, offers an extensible, opinionated, trait-based approach to building credentialing systems on top of the foundation of ssi.
Rebase is a library that enables users and projects to easily issue their own Verifiable Credentials (VCs). It supports two types of credential flows: self-signed credentials and witnessed credentials. It provides points of extension to add new credentialing flows of either type and new cryptographic subjects/issuers.
All subjects, issuers, and credentialing flows can be mixed and matched. The goal of Rebase is to provide these tools for both client and server-side usage. For this reason, WASM is a first-class use-case.
The output of Rebase libraries are Verifiable Credentials, and both Linked Data Proof and JWT formats are supported. Rebase uses Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) to represent the subjects and issuers of these credentials.