Map Identities to Cryptographic Keys
Rebase is a decentralized service that allows people and organizations to map their identities to cryptographic keys using social media in a user-centric and publicly auditable way. A network of independent validators will inspect identity proofs hosted across a variety of social media platforms, such as GitHub, Twitter, Discord, and more. Validators will issue credentials to people and organizations as authenticated by their listed keys, verifiable using the identity proofs.
GitHub - rebase-xyz/rebase
The Rebase reference implementation repository
The Rebase project will help coordinate the validator instances, publish a reference deployment architecture with open-source software packages, and manage a community of reputable organizations to host validator nodes that issue credentials to users. Finally, the Rebase community will govern the system and decide system parameters such as the set of core validators, supported social media platforms, key types supported, and governance upgrades.
To dive right in, check out our Demo Example: