Map Identities to Cryptographic Keys


Several projects are hosted in the Rebase GitHub repo.
  • The main library written in Rust supports the creation of VCs from simpler structs, the signing of VCs using an Issuer abstraction, and witness flows for public issuers of VCs (along with their consuming clients).
  • The witness library also written in Rust which supports specifically applications seeking to act as Issuer Witnesses or clients of Issuer Witnesses. Creates an opinionated implementation of the main library allowing users to build on top of it quickly.
  • The client library published to NPM using Rust->WASM compilation, allowing in browser usage of the witness/client library.
  • The Witness CloudFlare worker which is open-source code base of the SpruceID Rebase Witness and serves as a working example / demo of the witness library.
  • The demo dapp which is a small UI utilizing the client library to interact with the CloudFlare worker.


There's an existing credential faucet which is the built version of the demo/dapp site, and makes use of a deployed witness service which in turn is the built version of the rebase_cf_worker codebase.